Session 4: Amazon Merch

Proven Audience Formula (PAF) with Amazon Merch


  • No excuse goal for you
  • Test without a Merch account
  • Research knowing exactly what has trended
  • Concept that is shareable
  • A single image video works too


0:00:02 Quick Review

0:01:28 No excuse goal

0:01:45 Test run  Amazon Merch you don’t need a Merch account

0:02:35 Why Merch?

0:04:14 The Merch Marketing Machine 

0:07:08 A single image video

0:08:25 Do research and understand what has trended

0:09:47 Core concept of a shirt that everyone likes to share

0:11:45 Gold in the comments

0:12:54 Research is awesome

0:15:38 Ad copy and working the formula like Robert & Kyle

0:17:45 Adding Messenger into the mix

0:20:05 Facebook ad manager step by step process

0:22:55 Make the ads look as normal as possible

0:26:02 Facebook ad manager step by step process

0:30:17 Focus on the follow up

0:31:33 Perceived value and how you can put Merch on sale

0:34:24 The key is getting the ad up and trigger the algorithm on Amazon

0:35:36  Merch isn’t complicated, it’s just following the process