Session 2


  • Validating a product idea before spending a penny

  • Connecting Facebook & Amazon - the perfect marriage

  • Discover & apply the new way to get top ranking on Amazon

  • Know exactly what makes a video go viral

  • The free program Amazon allows you to use to draw customers in a fun way

Introduction and Outline of the Course 

0:02  Introduction and Review of First Training Video 

2:25  The easy way to test your PAF 

2:25  Using Facebook Messenger to engage our customers 

4:12  The needed changes depending on the target  

5:45   Validating a product concept before you pursue it 

8:06   The way to find and research Facebook videos 

12:42  First case study

13:49  The most powerful thing in PAF is Product Discovery 

15:09  Ask these questions to discover what works 

17:54  Talking points in analyzing Capture the Flag 

20:03  The way to measure shares  

21:56  Connecting the Facebook piece to the Amazon piece 

23:25  The problem with the low conversion on this video 

24:58  Brett’s process of analyzing by asking the right questions in the case study 

26:00  The data guides you to make an educated guess about product 

30:28  How to measure the growth of the product 

32:17  Brett’s  work around a sold out product which made Dynasty another load of money and how you can do the same thing 

34:05  Proving a breakthrough video 

35:57  The text message sequence we use in our funnel for the Laser Tag 2 set 

36:46 Thinking through logical next steps to build a toy empire and the reality that this formula works with any product 

38:13  Reworking a break through video to sell another product 

39:09  Work the angles of a single break through video 

40:42  Comparison between getting a product to rank on Amazon the old way and the PAF way -- no brainer 

42:45   Analyzing another video and why it isn’t converting 

43:45  The first question that'll become habit when assessing a video and if it’s working 

47:26  Who owns the wallet? Thinking like a marketer in creating content 

48:41  Test, test, test. Ideas are great only when we run tests and know they will work 

49:31  Amazon Giveaways and how they fit the formula machine

51:52  Bundling and capturing a buyer’s attention with it 

53:29  The difference in the push pull marketing illustrated here 

56:10  Q & A