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Team Up With Our Certified Experts

Our PAF-Certified experts have not only successfully completed our intensive training, but also demonstrated mastery of the strategies per our standards.

You can remain focused on your core business by partnering with one of our PAF experts to implement this powerful system to help build your business.

Call our team today to discuss if this is a good fit for you.

PAF Certified Experts

Brenda C.
Chris L.
Chuck H.
Commy E.
Daniel L.
Dave E.
Dewayne S.
Diane L.
Diane W.
Don W.
Dylan K.
Eric B.
Eric L.
Evan T.

Frank D.
Graham T.
Greg F.
Jason B.
Jason H.
Jeff T.
Jim C.
Jimmy S.
Joel H.
Jonah S.
Jonathan E.
Joshua R.
Karin L.
Ken C.

Larry P.

Mark S.
Patrick J.
Quinton J.
Rhonda D.
Rob C.
Robin H.
Ron T.
Scott B.
Sydney T.
Tammie V.
Todd L.
Tom H.
Trey C.
Valerie P.

If one of the above awesome PAF champions is offering to work with you on your Facebook marketing strategies, you'd be wise to take them up on their offer! They've been through rigorous training and proven to us that they are ready to apply PAF strategies to multiple scenarios. If you wish to verify that someone from the above list truly is a PAF expert (certified by Brett Bartlett & Jim Cockrum), please contact our office at [email protected].