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Learn the same techniques and practices we use to get results like these for our products and our clients

    PAF DOMINATES Over Traditional Ads


    The OLD Way


    This looks and feels like an infomercial.
    We estimate a six-figure budget

    to get only a few comments
    and handful of shares.

    The PAF Way

    We spent a few dollars and launched a massive wave of organic shares and interaction. We turned this ​product into a top 100 seller on Amazon in about three weeks.


    ​Step by Step PAF Training Will Cover:

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      ​How to create shareable content over and over from scratch using simple tools such as a smartphone camera or simple image - with no extra equipment needed
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      ​​Which products are ideal for the PAF strategy (very few aren't!)
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      ​​How to set up Facebook ads the PAF way step by step (our Facebook ad rep thinks this is genius!)
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      ​​How to test your Facebook ads on a crazy low budget every time (spend a few dollars to know if you have a winner)
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      How to read the data to know quickly if you have a winner
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      ​​How to read the data from your ad (a ten year old could do this step)
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      ​​How to get the most valuable subscribers and build an audience with a 90%+ open/response rate
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      Numerous examples of how we built our videos and what products we launched with them
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      ​How to build a simple, fully automated funnel on Facebook
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      ​​Numerous examples of how we built our ad content and what products we launched with them

    Hear Brett and Jim talk about multiple Proven Audience Formula success stories in their own business
    in podcast episode #89 and #121 - Listen on iTunes · Stitcher · Podbean

    Brett Bartlett

    Jim Cockrum


    ​A ​Recent
    PAF ​Success Story

    A Simple Cell Phone Video

    An Easy To Create Ad

    A Simple Cell Phone Video

    An Easy To Create Ad

    Facebook Messenger Subscribers

    A typical month for our products following the Proven Audience Formula

    We Didn't Send All That Traffic To Amazon
    Look How Our Shopify Site Sales Exploded!

    ​​​The PAF Strategy Leads to Waves of Prospects and Buyers!

    From non-existent brand to explosive sales!

    Video Ad #1
    Video Ad #​2

    Doubled their business in just a few days!

    Mattress Store Ad
    Shareable Video
    ​Mattress Store Post

    Increased attendance 20x from previous year with a simple PAF campaign!

    ​Street Fair Ad
    Shareable ​Flyer
    ​Street Fair Post

    Is Our PAF ​Course Right For You?

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      ​Do you have inventory that you are struggling to sell? Even small quantities of retail inventory can be sold this way PROFITABLY!
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      ​Are you wondering which products are perfect for the PAF strategy?
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      ​Are you interested in launching your own brand on Amazon or online?
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      ​Do you have a cause, a service or a product of your own?
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      Are you restricted on Amazon in a category that you'd like to sell into?
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      Do you know anyone who has the above challenges or opportunities?
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      Are you able to spend a few dollars ($5-$10 will do) to test simple video ads knowing that many or most will result in a positive ROI and rapid audience growth once you apply our strategies?
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      Do you have time to commit to watching (live or recorded) the 9-11 sessions at some point in the coming few months (no rush)?

    If ​You Answered Y​ES To Any Of The Above Then PAF Is For You!


    You get access to:

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      ​An online eLearning version of the course that can be accessed and referenced anywhere, anytime.
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      ​​5 in depth training video modules filmed ​and ​edited for easy reference and review later at any time
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      ​The ​confidence of ​completing the course and ​knowing you've learned the same strategies that have consistently outperformed traditional tactics. 
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      ​​For a monthly subscription of just $9.99 you can also get access to our exclusive PAF Facebook group and keep the content coming!

    Those in our community who have ​witness the numerous examples of our PAF success stories on our Podcast and in our Facebook group were recently polled to see how excited they were about this course. Here's what they said...

    I am willing to flying in from Hong Kong specially to be in this class. I will invest time, money and go through the necessary "proof of concept" exercises until I finally master the techniques. This is something I am very interested in so I am motivated to succeed.

    I would be willing to invest $x,xxx. I recently had to quit my job as a pediatric oncology nurse after 23 years due to fibromyalgia. I am using a small portion of my retirement to get my business really going. I’m a single mom with two teenagers to support. I’m willing to invest this money in myself in order to provide for my family. AND I absolutely love this business, I’ve never been happier in my life. Failure is not an option, I’m ready to “kill it and drag it home” as Dave Ramsey says!

    The price for this amazing opportunity is unmeasurable. Up to $x,xxx, but could be open to different amounts.

    I have been looking for the right opportunity to use my experience to help other businesses with their online marketing! I see this as that opportunity and am ready to invest time/money necessary to make this happen!! I have the flexibility to work around my existing consulting clients and eBay/Amazon businesses to travel for training and look forward to learning more!

    In the $x,xxx range, but honestly you have spoiled me with the extreme value you provide at low prices.

    I've been a part of the PAC since 2014 and I've never bought ONE program that keeps on adding on at no cost year after year with valuable and applicable information! Honestly, I think you could easily charge $x,xxx plus for this. For me as a consultant, it will pay for itself many times over with just 1-2 clients.

    It would be worth thousands to learn this method.

    I believe this is an unbelievable opportunity to be an exclusive member of this small group and being recognised as a certified partner not only to potential clients but also to future students.

    I cannot quantify how much it would mean. Learning the PAF strategy would be huge, but even more important would be working with a group of like minded people who are passionate about building businesses.

    I would treasure this opportunity greatly as a path to build out a business to provide online marketing services to businesses. It will help me build out a future business so I can eventually restore from my day job. I am super keen to partner with a successful group. I'm willing to invest $x,xxx-x,xxx upfront to learn these strategies but also pay a percentage of sales per lead made via these strategies. I think that represents another stream of income to the Jim Cockrum team in line with the multiple streams of income strategy.

    I would love to say any amount of money, but there's always a budget...but I would not bat an eye at investing up to $x,xxx in order to gain full exposure because I think it is that powerful and because it is that much of a game-changer.

    I'd expect a training program like you have talked about here to cost a minimum of $x,xxx.

    I would love to say any amount of money, but there's always a budget...but I would not bat an eye at investing up to $x,xxx in order to gain full exposure because I think it is that powerful and because it is that much of a game-changer.

    Hugely important for me and my goals. Have always wanted to train and coach others and I'm looking for explosive growth in my current businesses. Up to $xx,xxx

    Knowing Jim and Brett I feel like whatever they ask will be reasonable.

    I'm so hyped on this idea. I am TOTALLY aware of the potential of this. I was at Proven Growth Workshop in May and have been playing around with it since. It gets more exciting every day.

    I am willing to invest $x,xxx.

    I would be willing to invest $x,xxx+ for this kind of intimate training to learn these strategies more in depth.

    The most valuable thing I have, my time. I have a full time job and two young children, so my time is the most valuable thing I have. But if investing it allows me to grow, to improve myself and make a better life for my family then every second will be worthwhile. Then if I can cascade this further and help others to do the same, I can honestly not think of anything better.

    If i have to put a number on it- $x,xxx, but whatever it takes

    Well, I'm one of those more than willing to pay someone else to do all this for me... so I would certainly be willing to pay a comparable price to learn to do it all myself step by step and have a team to consult with on how to get it to work. Several thousand dollars certainly.

    It would be worth everything for me to be apart of this family and group. I am a current coaching student and I would love nothing more than to connect and be more involved. I have spoken to Nathan Bailey about getting more involved as I do mostly private label and want to take it to the next level. I am willing to invest whatever it takes to be involved in this mind and life changing opportunity!

    I would spend $x,xxx or more. Essentially you are teaching us a proven way to make money, that seems like a great investment.

    I'm not even sure how to put a number on something so incredible. I don't want to offend anybody either. I would be willing to invest $x,xxx-x,xxx? I'm probably gonna be the lower number but i'm ready and fired up to go......woooohhhooooo Just to be associated with you guys, energetically sets me up for success :-)

    To be more involved in this amazing group is worth much more than the price I'm willing to pay. But for purposes of this education I'm willing to pay $x,xxx-x,xxx

    $x,xxx but I would consider it priceless

    I homeschool my two children, so my personal time is extremely valuable to me. I would invest all of my free time to studying, practicing and being the best at this process as I can possibly be. Money-wise, I would invest $x,xxx because I know I will quickly make that investment back (and much more).

    This is difficult for me to put a number on because I don't want to undervalue this. I see endless opportunity here with the chance to get me out of my 9 to 5 slog and into my own business helping people be successful. Because it appears like it could be a game changer for myself and my family, it is essentially priceless. If a number is needed, it's easily $x,xxx+

    ...something between $x,xxx to $x,xxx to get the certification and certainly a division of the proceeds from clients as Jim and Brett deem is acceptable. Understanding and putting into action the PAF could easily run well into a six-figure annual business as a consulting gig alone, in my view.

    I would pay $x,xxx to get early access to these awesome ideas.

    ​You have my full trust, especially after working with Leah and Abe as my coach. My skepticism is basically non-existent.

    To be part of a small group like that would be priceless, but $x,xxx-xx,xxx. If I had more money right now I'd pay $xxx,xxx just to learn it and to be able to help others learn it.

    Total investment up to $x,xxx.

    I am really excited to put this cart into motion this is an investment into my future, I really think it will be an explosive new business model.

    I'm willing to invest in my Future, so what ever I need to invest, I'm ready. I'm not kidding either... lol $x,xxx-$x,xxx.

    I will invest of myself to learn the techniques and strategies involved so that I can readily and effectively share with others. As Dan Miller said in his opening speech on Day 1 of CES V, the cost is an investment in yourself so whatever it is, is what it is!

    Becoming a certified partner would be an amazing opportunity. I would be able to build an audience for my own products and help others do the same. There is huge potential in building an additional income stream. I would be willing to invest $x,xxx and invest the time required to be certified.

    Every dime I've ever invested in Jim or something he recommends has come back 4, times or more. In addition the cost of these investments have been more than reasonable. I'm looking at the coaching as well to advance my business.

    Yes i would love to invest! $x,xxx to $x,xxx

    I think this is a great opportunity. I would be willing to invest $x,xxx for the exposure and opportunity to teach others.

    That would be worth Millions $$$. You can’t put a price when you teach someone to fish.

    It would mean the world to me to be part of your small group of certified partners! I feel like I know, like, and trust Jim and Brett, having followed them for years, and having invested in PAC and bought probably one of the first versions of the Silent Sales Machine ebook years ago. I'm willing to invest my time and energy to learn and apply everything I'm exposed to in order to become certified by you to teach others! I really believe in this PAF system without actually knowing much about it yet because of the podcasts I've heard Brett and Jim give on this. I'm just excited about learning more and hungry to learn all I can about it!

    Monetarily, several thousand dollars. In addition to the time, dedication and effort that would be required to invest to gain exposure and become a professional of these concepts. Case and point: I just recently invested in Coaching because I so deeply believe in the vision and mission of Brett Jim and Nathan.

    $x,xxx - I think this is an incredible opportunity to help grow our business and also be able to help other businesses do the same thing! I attended the small event at Brett's office in Yorba Linda back in February and I would love the opportunity to be apart of this group, dive in and learn the ins and outs of the proven audience formula!

    Priceless. :) In all seriousness I think it would be awesome to be a part of this. My personal budget would probably allow me to invest up to $x,xxx right now.


    From a financial perspective, I feel £x,xxx ($x,xxx) feels about the right amount.

    I'm willing to invest as much time and $$ as needed. I've been exposed to the PAF concepts through the workshop and Merch workshop videos, so I understand the power of PAF and would love to train others how to be successful using it too!

    ​I see an unlimited opportunity with this strategy. The value of being to being exposed is potentially unmeasurable because I absolutely believe these Facebook videos could be used in so many ways to sell products and promote businesses.

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