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Brett and Jim are literally swamped with clients and inquiries about our incredible PAF strategies that are working for product after product and client after client...

Here's our most recent example:

Screen Shot of The Simple Cell-Phone Video
That Took Us From A Sales Rank of 50-60k
All The Way Up To A Rank of 1,500 On Amazon In Just A Few Days
– In A VERY Competitive Category!

  • Video posted on Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017 – Stats shown are as of Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017
  • 5K+ shares
  • 4K like, love, & wow!
  • 2K+ comments
  • Less than $50 ad spend
  • Moved product in a VERY competitive category from a rank of 50-60k to under 1,500!
  • Sales jumped from 5-6 per day to OVER 150 per day!

We've actually seen tens of millions in sales at this point as a result of applying these concepts on products from our own private label products to the most basic or retail arbitrage inventory that's hard to move... to services, events and even a pizza shop!

If you are ready to join a small handful of students and go through our strategy (while seeing our exact products and ads), please fill out the application form (link below). We are not taking payment at this time because we'll be going over these applications individually and responding to those who are qualified.

Only a small number of candidates will be allowed to go through this process with us.

The benefits:

  • You'll see our exact products and the exact clients we are working with in order to learn what we are doing with each success story
  • We'll start from the basics of Facebook advertising using our PAF strategy and talk you through becoming an expert at this strategy
  • You'll be a certified PAF expert, and you'll have the opportunity to partner, coach, and lead with us in the coming Proven Audience Formula tidal wave - which includes a pending book that we are predicting will be a #1 best seller on Amazon. You'll be in on it all as part of our PAF certification group.
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